Why the Peekaboo Mobile Acquisition is Huge for Boston

When I saw the tweet come through my Tweetdeck yesterday that Peekaboo Mobile had been acquired, I was surprised, excited and very happy for Ben, Michael and their team. These guys hustle and so it’s great to see them get a return for their efforts over the last year plus.  They also now have a great opportunity to build more greatness over at nSphere.  While everyone is busy focusing on undisclosed deal terms and the acquisition itself, I’d like to highlight what I think is the bigger story:

Why the Peekaboo Mobile Acquisition is Huge for Boston

1) Young Hustlers Get Paid…in Boston!!!

If someone is still unsure if you can make it as a young entrepreneur in Boston, this is a great example that you definitely can succeed.  Ben and Mike hit this city door to door and made it happen on hustle and brains. Few cities are as compact as this one which actually helped their local model.

2) A New Angel gets her First Exit

Jennifer Lum started investing less than a year ago and here she has her first exit.  This is a big deal for quite a few reasons.

First, she already had a taste of success, which should help her feel good about her investment portfolio and encourage her to stay the course on her continued investments. If you follow her on Twitter, you can see she’s travelling all over the US and Canada scouring for good deals.

Second, as this is an exit, she can likely make even more investments or have money left for more follow on rounds in her current investments. Either way, more money in the hands of an investor that is proactive is a very good thing.

Finally, Jennifer took a chance on some young entrepreneurs in Boston and it paid off. This will hopefully encourage her and many others to think about what young people can make happen in this new tech explosion in Boston and beyond.

3) This is the First Exit by a DartBoston Member

It wasn’t that long ago that Ben and Mike were pitching on DartBoston’s Capitalize.  Ali Powell wrote a great recap on BostInnovation here as well.

The fact is, there are a bunch of young entrepreneurs hustling like crazy in Boston and so I expect this is the first of many successes for members of the DartBoston community. I wouldn’t count out Cort Johnson, Kabir Hemrajani, Alex Moore (even if he did transplant), or many others.

4) Startups Can Be Fun

In the sea of all the hard work required to make a startup win, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget to have fun.  Ben and Mike definitely didn’t do that. Their mascot kept things light and fun and showed their creativity and were often at those drink ups that were both relaxing and filled with good startup conversation.

This acquisition is a shining example of many of the best things happening in Boston. Let’s congratulate, Ben, Mike, and their team as well as  Jennifer and hope we see more things like this and hopefully even bigger things for them and other hustlers in Boston!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Jason. Ben and Mike really hustled to build Peekaboo into a great business and a great win for Boston. I’m excited about all of the great activity in the community and I’m glad that there are people like you who are ELAMF to make good things happen.

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