What iPhone apps do I *have to have*?

So now that I have an iphone, I need to know what I gotta download…

So far I’ve grabbed:

– Skype, Google, Twitter for iPhone, Bump, Where, Dropbox, Evernote, CamScanner, iGmail

What I’m looking for:

1) YOUR Recommendations-

What apps can you not do without!?! I don’t need angry birds, but I do need all the productivity hacks and sweet tricks that now that I’m one of the “cool kids” with a smart phone I need to have.

2) Support Boston Startups!

I love trying out local people’s startup stuff. I’ve particularly enjoyed Followup.cc and love that I got a bunch of others to try it. We don’t have enough early adopters around here, so hopefully I can do more of that.  I’d like to at least give every app a test drive!

3) A few things I’m looking for:

A) Is Twitter for iPhone the best Twitter app?

B) I want a tool that I can make a to do list as I work through the day and sync it to my computer. I think Evernote can do that, but I’m not sure.

C) Personal CRM- I want to be able to keep track of people I meet. Not everyone is a linked in connection, but i’d like to be able to recall their name and what we talked about. Something I can record their name and a quick comment on our interaction (time/date stamped, of course) would be awesome. Search would be essential, so I could look it up later.

Leave your suggestions in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “What iPhone apps do I *have to have*?

  1. dropbox, evernote, twitter, pandora, shazam, kindle, poppet, flipboard, CNN, WordPress, yelp, Facebook, Bump, OpenMBTA, Foursquare, Hipstamatic, I-nigma, Google Voice, Angry Birds.

  2. My must-haves are Kindle, Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, FlightControl, Shazam, G-Whizz!, Amazon, ESPN ScoreCenter, NBA Game Time, FlightTrack, Weather HD, DoodleJump

    And if you want to support Boston-area stuff, give @PaperPhobic a go ;-)

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