Is Wentworth more entrepreneurial than Harvard and all of the UMass schools combined?

I was looking at the numbers today for the Boston Tech Talent Fair coming next Wednesday and was very excited: over 400 job seekers signed up and 30 companies committed to attend hiring for both internships and full time roles in business and engineering roles.  But what was interesting was when I looked at the numbers for which schools had the most signups…

BU – 81
Hult – 67
Tufts – 42
Babson – 36
BC – 28
MIT – 26
Northeastern – 15
UMass Boston – 12
Wentworth – 11
RISD – 7
Yale – 7
HBS – 6
Harvard – 6
MIT Sloan – 5
Suffolk – 4
Brandeis – 4
UMass Amherst – 4
UMass Lowell – 3
Brown – 2
Bryant – 2
BYU – 2
Emerson – 2

So a big high five to the folks at Hult International Business School, Tufts, Babson and home team, BU. But wow…there’s some serious under-representation at all of the UMass schools, Harvard, Suffolk, Brandeis, Bentley, and Olin...who didn’t even have one sign up…ouch!

So, if you go to any of these schools and know anyone you can help spread the word to…please do! I know Harvard, Suffolk, UMass and the other basement dwellers on the list have more entrepreneurial students than this! We all know at least one professor, student group leader or administrator at our alma maters we could pass this along to.

To make it easy, here’s a message you can use:

Hi <name>,

I wanted to let you know that there’s a big Startup Career Fair put on by the people over at Greenhorn Connect next Wednesday, February 22nd at the BU School of Management right at the Kenmore T stop.  If you or any entrepreneurial minded students are looking for an internship or full time job, this is a great opportunity to meet 30 growing Boston area companies!

<Your School> is way behind the leading schools in registration and I wanted to help show we have lots of great students interested in startups too!

You can learn more about the event and sign up here:


So consider this a little social experiment and request to help us pack the place on Wednesday!  If we want our ecosystem to finally fix our student retention problem, events like these have to be big successes and that starts by getting the students aware and out the door heading to them!

I appreciate all your help and the communities support to get us this far!