It’s a Black and Blue and Gray World…

As we move through the toughest part of Boston’s annual weather cycle, I’ve noticed that the colors of people’s wardrobes have gotten increasingly dark and muted. It creates an interesting sea of similar looking people and crowds. I feel like this wardrobe boredom is probably for a few reasons: dark colors are slimming (holiday/winter gain from inactivity), reflection of attitude (winter can be depressing) and it’s easy (black goes with everything!).   This provides a unique opportunity for anyone willing to buck the trend.

If you’re a high energy person, this creates a fantastic opportunity. Wear some color. No really, put on that red sweater, that shiny blue vest or that…bright green shirt.  You will stand out and your energy can draw people in.  It’s a great tool for networking, for going out or whatever you’re doing.  If nothing else, people will notice your lack of black/grey/blue-ness and wonder a bit about you (in a good way).  At best, they want to come over and talk to the interesting person that was bold enough to wear something different.

Clothing is one of the best ways for your personality to show through. Let’s get a little more color out there and turn the energy level up a notch or two.

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