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About Me

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope my writing is helpful to you. I’m passionate about self improvement, leadership, and building great products, which is what I usually write about.

I believe in making things better than I found them and want to share what I have learned from some of the best product minds in Silicon Valley and beyond.

I love helping and learning from others, comparing notes and trading book recommendations (I read ~25 books a year), so please feel free to contact me on Twitter @Evanish or at evanish dot j at gmail dot com to share feedback, a book, or to say hi.

Currently, I’m the founder of Lighthouse

Lighthouse helps managers be great leaders. In today’s labor market, you cannot afford to lose your best people, but bad managers are one of the biggest reasons people leave companies. If you’ve ever sat frustrated at your desk feeling like no one is listening to you or had a team that didn’t respond to you, you’ve felt this pain.

I’ve created a framework based on what I’ve learned from studying and interviewing great leaders. It has helped me retain and develop great talent on my teams and now that process is a product to help you as well. You can sign up to learn more at and learn about management and leadership on our blog at, or take one of our courses at

… and I’m doing Product Consulting to help Product-minded Founders & First PMs

For over a decade, I’ve been a B2B SaaS founder focused on product, and an early stage product manager, always focused on the quest for product-market fit and launching new software products.

I know how hard it is to get your first 10 customers, and the steep learning curve and major pitfalls that come with being a first PM. That’s why I’m offering a limited number of slots to help coach product minded founders and first PMs to help with:

  1. Product Cycles: If your team has timelines that always slip, have more bugs or last minute changes than hoped, and doesn’t meet customer needs & sales expectations.
  2. Product Process: If you’re a founder lacking time to coach and develop your first/junior PM who is struggling, or you don’t have enough time or lacking some skills yourself for the product responsibilities you have as a busy founder.
  3. Product Problems: Or you face any of a variety of product challenges: Churn, low product engagement/NPS, product/market fit questions, getting early-adopters, or siloed departments in conflict with the product team.

Any of these can sink your company at the worst, or at the least waste costly engineering cycles, all while damaging morale.

Why take the long way, learning by trial and error, when I can help you jump right to a solid answer?

It’s exactly what Mario Minnaert, Product Owner at Higher Learning Technologies, did when I helped him:

“Over the past two and a half years, Jason has mentored me on customer development, communication, stakeholder management and countless other aspects of being a customer-driven product leader. Because of his mentorship, I’ve become our platform lead, the senior manager of customer experience, and was recently voted as MVP by the team at our startup in Iowa.

It’s clear that Jason has a learner’s mindset and is an expert on leadership, but above all, I’m constantly blown away by his ability to quickly understand my problems and his strong desire to help me learn and grow as a PM and person. I’ve saved months and years of future mistakes from talking to Jason and listening to his advice.

I would highly recommend Jason as an executive, product lead, manager, or coach at any company and if I ever had the opportunity to work under him, it would be a no-brainer.”

I’ve been there and done that, whether bootstrapping my startups, or helping venture backed startups:

If you’re nodding along to some of these challenges, and want to change, then sign up for a free call here, because I’ll do my best to help you whether you’re a fit for coaching or not.

In the press:

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