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Boston, I need your help!

As I prepare to take the giant leap from Boston to San Francisco (in case you missed it read more here), I have a number of things that would be tremendously helpful.  If you can help with any of the following, I’d be most appreciative.

1) Looking for a roommate in SF.

– I’ve heard it’s a nightmare to try to find a place in San Francisco so if you have anyone in your network that lives out there that you could ping and see if they’re looking for a roommate or have a room they need to fill, I’d love to hear from them.

– To give you an idea of what I’m looking for, since KISSmetrics is in SoMA, I’m looking for a place within 20-30 minutes of SoMA via public transportation. Pet free (allergies).

2) Looking to talk to KISSmetrics users

– Does your company use KISSmetrics? Did you try and give up on it? Either way, I’d love to talk to you before I leave March 10th!

– This is your chance to have in person customer development done by the product manager of KISSmetrics. I’ll always be happy to talk to Boston companies, but nothing beats a good in person customer development interview.

3) Looking to Sublet my Somerville Apt

– I have an awesome roommate that loves scotch, pool (I have a table in my apt) and electronics. He’s a great, loyal guy and I need someone to tak over my room in our apartment. It’s near Porter Square. If interested, contact me for details and to come check it out.

4) Anyone I *must* meet in SF?

– A few of you have told me you know some people I need to meet when I get out west. I have a pretty small network out there now so I appreciate any insights on who to meet when I get out there.

5) Advice for Living in SF?

– I know there are a number of you who at one time lived in San Francisco. A number of you have already dropped a lot of knowledge on me for making the most of SF, but if anyone else has advice let me know!

How to get in touch:

Feel free to leave a comment if it’s just some quick SF advice, or to set up a KISSmetrics meeting or connect me to anyone in SF (to meet or talk about roommates), use my gmail: evanish dot j at gmail dot com.


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