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Life I chose or the life that chose me…

So tonight I got a text from a friend…actual exchange:

Friend: I have big news!

me: Yeah? What?

Friend: We got engaged!

me: With who?!?

Friend: Seriously? My now fiance Brandon

me: Sorry. havent seen u much the last 6 mos. congrats! heard youre headed to grad school too. when are you having a big nite in boston?

This sums up a lot of my life since being “greenhorn” become a part of it and really since I started grad school in sept. 2008.  I have chosen learning about entrepreneurship and building GHC over everything else.  Until I started working at oneforty, I attributed part of it to being broke; I was cobbling together odd jobs and living off savings. But now I have a great job with a healthy paycheck, and I still find myself almost always choosing startup life over things normal 25 year olds do.

In a way, tonight was a wake up. But in many ways, it’s just a blip on the radar.  I have zero regrets. I’m very proud and grateful for how far I’ve come thus far and still feel like there’s so much still to do, so much to learn and still behind where I need to be; I feel like every moment I work at oneforty and work on Greenhorn Connect, I’m learning so much, it’s sooo hard to want to put it down for any meaningful time.

I’m 25. It feels so old and yet so young. Mark Zuckerberg and LeBron James are less than a year older than me. They remind me to stay hungry and realize there are no limits; if they can do what they’ve done, than the trivial things I can do must be easy.

At the same time I realize that maybe I need to “enjoy” a bit more of my 20s; is the relentless pursuit of startup nirvana really how I should leave every moment of my life, or can I effectively pursue it and still be an average 25 year old every once in a while? I don’t know…but I’m going to try.

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