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MassTLC unConference Session Summary: TurboCharging the Entrepreneurial Culture in MA “Active – In Process – To Do List”

Yesterday at the MassTLC unConference, Tim Rowe and Scott Kirsner led an event  entitled, “Turbo-Charging the Entrepreneurial Culture in MA.”  Those in attendance were charged with creating a list of every organization and event they knew of in the community.  It was truly an impressive group effort that created a list I don’t think anyone would have been able to build on their own that morning.

If you were at the meeting, you’ll recall a young member of the audience chimed in about how he had built a wiki on his own to try to make sense of all the events that he was able to slowly discover. For the past year, I’ve been building that wiki to include not only events, but organizations, resources, some angel and VC groups, the many summer programs and more.  It started out as something for myself out of frustration in trying to grasp the overall picture of the Boston entrepreneurial community, but soon turned into a group effort amongst myself and a few colleagues to try to create something of value for others (i.e.- a full, organized, detailed website built around the information we stored on the wiki and a crowdsourced community to keep it up to date and interact).   So, for now, below you’ll find the list created on the white board from the session yesterday.

{Update: The site is live! Please go to to see the resources all listed. Feel free to use the “Contact Us” option at the site to share any ideas, questions, comments or feedback. Thanks!}

Here’s the list (Active=occurring, In Process=In Development, To Do = Items suggested to start doing to improve the community):

Active Events/Organizations:

“Bettina’s Women CEO event”
Mobile Mondays
Open Coffee
Tech Tuesdays
Mass TLC
Social Media Awards
Microsoft NERD
MIT 100K competition
MIT Enterprise Forum
MIT E Center
Swiss Nex
Boston World Partners
Boston Post Mortem
Mark’s Guide
TCN: The Capital Network
Business Innovation Factory
The Quest for Innovation
Innovate MATech
Mass Innovation Nights
Awesome Foundation
Beta Spring
TIE Boston
TIE Boston Leadership Group
Vilna Shul
Boston Young Entrepreneurs
Common Angels
Launch Pad
Mass High Tech
Summer @ Highland
Mass, It’s All Here
Green Tech Media
InnoEcoBlog (Scott Kirsner)
UNH Mentoring program
WPI Venture Forum
The Funded Founder Institutes
TYE (Helps w/ HS Business Plans)
CCC: Cambridge Coworking Center

In Process/Development:

Venture Well
Gary’s Guide
TCN Student Fair
Propel Careers
Northeastern University IDEA
Dog Patch Labs

Items to Add/To Do:

– Break down school silos
– Virtual unConference
– Open employer (non compete) Badges
– Court acquisition heavy businesses to the region
– Micro-investment matching mechanisms
– Organize more practical meetings (i.e.- not networking…mission based)
– Let more green horns in (i.e.- Give young entrepreneurs a shot to work in startups)
– Coordinate VC “reprogramming” of mentalities
– Build a wiki of information
– MassTLC: Coordinate challenges
– Have heads of various groups/events meet
– TC50 Event in Boston
– Connect students w/ companies more
– Have more thought leadership in the region

{Update: The site is live! Please go to to see the resources all listed. Feel free to use the “Contact Us” option at the site to share any ideas, questions, comments or feedback. Thanks!}


I believe the website we’re building will significantly better serve the community than a simple wiki list, so I’m not sure where that leaves the content I have on the wiki I made until we launch. I’ll try to update what’s happening with the wiki/website my team is working as we progress.

I’d love to speak with any of you with continued interest in this issue. Please feel free to leave a comment/suggestion or send me a message on Twitter (@Evanish). Thanks!

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